Excersise 3- how do I do this?

Hello everyone. I am unsure of how to di excersise 3 of part 1, here is a link: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-html-css/lessons/structure/exercises/html-prepare?action=lesson_resume
can you help me understand what to do? :slight_smile:

Hi there @taylormoreyprior!

This part of the HTML course is teaching you the basics of HTML structure. All HTML pages will always have, surrounding all code (the doctype excluded), <html> tags. There is one that opens at the top and one that closes at the bottom. These serve to encapsulate the full webpage and can be accessed via CSS, which you’ll learn about later. For now, you just need to have, under your doctype, an HTML tag pair. This looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>


For the purposes of THIS lesson, don’t worry about what’s inside those HTML tags. That’ll be explained to you in the next lesson.

Its written in the Revision part of the question!

“To begin adding HTML structure and content, we must first add opening and closing tags”

Its simple!
Its just a way to start HTML

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