Excercises in Java Script course missing the code


When you ask a question, don’t forget to include a link to the exercise or project you’re dealing with!
The exercises in Java script lessons some times ask to make updates to an existing code, while there won’t be no such code displayed in main.js.
For example link to exercise 3 in Chapter Arrays.
This exercise say make use array famoussayings array. While this array is not displayed any where.

Also, the solution is not really given when I selected show me solution.
The main.js panel doesn’t do anything, it just shows whatever I coded.


Seems kind of odd. In exercise 3 we have,

const famousSayings = ['Fortune favors the brave.', 'A joke is a very serious thing.', 'Where there is love there is life.'];

Try to refresh the page, or perhaps Reset the lesson and see what happens. If there is still nothing there, then paste in the code above.


Resetting the exercise didn’t work.

Refreshing the page worked.