Excercise 7, Updating Variables


Hello! I am very new to this, so I appreciate your patience as I am learning. Thank you!!!

In Exercise 7 Updating Variables, I keep getting this error:

“Did you add all of the remaining months to the variable annual_rainfall ?”

This is what I have below, I’m not sure if I am not seeing all of the exercise? It reads as though the rest of the months were already set.

annual_rainfall= 0
september_rainfall = 1.00
annual_rainfall += september_rainfall
october_rainfall = 2.00
annual_rainfall += october_rainfall
november_rainfall = 3.00
annual_rainfall += november_rainfall
december_rainfall = 4.00
annual_rainfall += december_rainfall


Thank you very much for your help!


Are you setting annual_rainfall back to zero ? cause i don’t think this has to be done.
you have to add the annual rainfall from september to december to the annual rainfall.

Setting it back to zero would mean you only include the values from september to december.