Excercise 11, can't find mistake

Hey guys like you can see in the picture I’m stuck even though I’m entering everything like wanted.

Would appreciate help


I’d try copy-pasting the command to ensure that it’s exactly the same. (Those apostrophes look really small? Might just be your font though.)

I’d try doing the cat command again, since that’s the first instruction even if it’s already passed, who knows…

Then I’d try refreshing the page…

As a last resort I’d click that Get Help button and select “reset” or some such, be warned that it may reset more than you wish for though, that’s not exactly a polished/well designed feature :S
(Would reset the automated tests and it would reset the file)

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Thanks for the quick response
Out of frustration I didn’t try it anymore yesterday and today it worked the first time even though I typed exactly the same.
But still I really appreciate your help :slightly_smiling: