Excercise #1 with error?


What's wrong with this? It keeps telling me that's not correct:
var velocidad = 65;

// Completa la condición dentro de los ()s en la linea 4
if (velocidad > 80) {
// Usa console.log() para mostrar "bajá la velocidad"
console.log("bajá la velocidad");
else {
// Usa console.log() para mostrar "Manejo seguro"
console.log("manejo seguro");


According to the instructions everything is ok. And the result is the one that should be sown in the console...


What exactly is it telling you?


I think the automated teaching assistant is saying this. It's what I get and I can't progress.


Ok one thing is that it is asking for greater and you used greater than or equal to which might or might nor matter. And the other thing is that you wrote SLOW DOWN with caps-lock which might confused the test function as JS is case-sensitive.


It was the exclamation point (!) on the output to console that caused the issue. I have to remember to be very literal with what I put in strings. Thank you!