If I’m making a website for an app that isn’t yet available on Droid and I want people to add their e-mail to a launch list, is there any way to have the e-mail they entered added to an excel spreadsheet?

so, your job is the back-end of the website?

What languages/tools/frameworks are used? Without this information, its impossible to make a proper assessment of what the best approach is.

have you looked into using a database? I think this is preferable to an excel sheet

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I’m fairly new to this. I’ve been writing my code in Brackets using HTML and CSS

that explains a lot

html and css is used for the front-end (what the end-user using your website sees)

then there is the back-end of the website, where data like emails are stored, and from which emails can be send.

For the back-end, there is a whole array of language available, here are some of them:

Javascript (nodejs)

and more

For you, the choice seems PHP, you can learn PHP to get going quickly with learning only the language and no additional frameworks

I would personal prefer django (a python framework), but that is my personal prefence

look into XAMPP (link) to set up a testing environment, you can watch videos on youtube if you like

then in html you can make a form, which you can submit to your PHP back-end to store the email in a database (MYSQL is common with PHP)

If you actually want to send the email, look in to SMTP (simple mail transference protocol)

another advantage of PHP is that its really widely used, so easy to deploy.