Exam progress not saving when completed

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but couldn’t find anywhere else and the chat bot in help was anything other than.

I recently started the computer science career path and got to the first set of exams. I completed them but when I finished there was no option to finish. (The only 2 options were restart exam and go to Part 1)

As I had got 100% in both sections I didn’t want to do either of these but there was no way out. I tried to click my home at the top and then checked progress and it said the exam wasn’t complete.

I then did the exams again and had the same problem, I couldn’t find a way to get out and save my progress.

Anyone have any help for me as its infuriating and I want to move on to the next section.

Thanks in advance

You’re the second person who’s had this issue.

Maybe @mariana_b can escalate this(?)


Thanks for letting us know! I’ve passed this along to the team.


Thank you.

Logged in this morning and it showing that I have completed the exams :slight_smile:

I took a couple of exams in the FS Engineer path a few days ago and never got credit for passing both. Any idea who can help me with this?

Re-posting after the holiday, hoping for some help.