Exam: Math for Computer Science: Part 2 - Proof Question

I’m currently doing the Computer Science Career Path, and there’s only one question standing between me and my certificate!
There is another post about this question, but I think it was solved via a DM conversation.
Linked here: Exam Certification Question: Math for Computer Science - Part 2

The question states: Fill in the blanks to match each statement with the type of proof strategy that should be used to prove, or disprove, that statement.

  1. Prove that all the set of numbers from 1 to 10 are less than 11.
    Proof Strategy: ________
  2. Prove that all numbers less then 5 are odd.
    Proof Strategy: ________
  3. Prove that, if a graph has “n” vertices, it has “n-1” edges.
    Proof Strategy: ________

The options are: Contrapositive, Counterexample, Induction, Direct, Existence, Exhaustion (Once an option is selected, it cannot be used elsewhere in the response).

So far I have entered:
Direct, Counterexample, Induction
Induction, Counterexample, Contrapositive

I can only retake the quiz once every 24 hours so trial and error isn’t an appealing option considering how many variations there could be - especially when multiple proofs could work for each option! :joy:

Any help would be appreciated! I’ve done a lot of reading about proofs, both through CodeCademy documentation and elsewhere so feel confident I understand proofs, just need some help with specifically this question.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

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