Exam: Data Science Foundations


I have been experiencing frustration with the precision and specific examples required to get credit in the Data Science Foundations Exam.

I have just submitted question 2 (asking to order by Grade) but for whatever reason despite pulling that exact data, i was not given credit. I am now 2 “check answers” down on question 4:
with my answer as follow:

All of our store items

all_items = [[“Taffy”, 1], [“Chocolate”, 2], [“Cup”, 5], [“Plate”, 10], [“Bowl”, 11], [“Silverware”, 22]]

Empty discounted_items list

discounted_items =

Your code here

for x,y in all_items:
if y%2 == 1:

For testing purposes: print discounted list


the check is telling me I haven’t run the loop? What am I missing?? This is incredibly frustrating I’ve done this exam 3 times now, and have been able to pull the exact data for every entry- but routinely get credit for only 4/6, marking as an incomplete grade.

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I’m not familiar with said exam. Do you have a link?

Your (formatted) code prints on my end.

>>['Taffy', 'Cup', 'Bowl']

Not sure why the error. Maybe copy your work, clear the code and refresh the page(?)

I have the same problem. The refresh doesn’t help at all.
Here is the link:

I can’t view the exam, but I am just wondering whether the instructions give any examples.
Is the result supposed to be a list of strings or is it supposed to be a list of lists i.e.
Is discounted_items supposed to be:

['Taffy', 'Cup', 'Bowl']

or is it supposed to be:

[['Taffy', 1], ['Cup', 5], ['Bowl', 11]]

? Do the instructions include an example of sample output?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m french.
I’ve the same frustation.
I think that before run the odd list, we have to run a “simple loop” .
Tomorow I’ll test this :

all_items = [[“Taffy”, 1], [“Chocolate”, 2], [“Cup”, 5], [“Plate”, 10], [“Bowl”, 11], [“Silverware”, 22]]

discounted_items =

for item in all_items:

for variable1, variable2 in all_items:
if variable2 % 2 != 0:


Tell me if you find a solution :slight_smile:

I’ve difficult time with all the exams , I had to study again the Data Science Foundations I part to complete exam 1. But it was really hard to me …


Did you find any solution ? I’m stuck too it’s very frustrating I don’t understand why they keep telling me that I haven’t run the loop … I’m missing something idk what

thanks for your help

did you finally find the solution? i am having the exact problem!

Well I got it to work. You have to use a for i in range(len(some_list)): loop rather than a for x, y in some_list: loop. Then access the elements of the lists by their index. WAY to picky in my opinion.

too picky but it works! thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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