Ex 1.5 - Error: Nothing inside < a >< /a> but... Yes i do!


Hello, in the 5' exercice, for giving a link at my button, i have a big problem!

My code:

But the error message says: "You have not a text inside < a >< /a >..."
??? This is a bug??

Please help me, i want to continue this lesson, but this problem stop me, i don't pass this exercice...
(sorry i'm a bad english learned)


No... that not a solution for my problem, i tried this two reset facilities, and nothing. I have always this error message: "Oups, merci de réessayer. Vérifiez que vous avez bien mis du texte pour décrire votre lien entre vos balises < a > < /a > !" (Oups, thanks to retry. Verify you have been get the text for describes your link inside the balise < a > < /a >!)

Desesperate i'm!


I have this same problem on nearly every exercise that requires you to make a link!


You are working in an encapsulated environment....
Some links will be blocked.....