Everything you wanted to know about quantum computing (...but were too afraid to ask)

I’m sharing a very nice video Microsoft research has put out a bit ago about quantum computing specially geared towards computer scientists. There’s often a lot of magic and mystery when presented in media, but I found this presentation was pretty concrete, grounded, and approachable as an intro to the topic.

If you feel like this is sounds intimidating, it’s not too bad! In terms of math the most intensive operation that they talk about is matrix multiplication (straight-forward ones at that).

Also very importantly they offer resources to learn and play around with this stuff! They have useful katas many intro topics (including the math ones) and I think let you play around with Q# (their programming language for quantum) and test out stuff.

What is not covered too much in the video: the gritty physics details, just enough so that everyone is on the same page and there are no misconceptions.


Of course we’ll never have quantum computers in our home unless they come with cryogenics built in. Not to mention cosmic energy shielding.

Wherever neutrino detection is taking place might be the optimal place to run a quantum computer. It could filter neutrino events, and likely be well enough defended from other cosmic noise.

That all aside, now we compute.

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory comes to mind.

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It’s pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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