Everything except the coding is my problem, so far (Sharing code through blogs and Github)

The things I don’t know that I don’t know seem to become more apparent each day, friends.

I have a Github account. I finished my Python Portfolio assignment, and I’ve uploaded the files. So there they are. In the project folder, and it’s marked Public.

The helpful hints suggest I go to Medium or Dev.to, create a blog post, and include a link to my code on Github.

I’ve never had a blog. I logged into Medium, and they want me to tell them a story, Great, is that the blog post I’m writing? Except for the title, it doesn’t seem like I have the option to direct the post into a section about anything.

If so, awesome, but it sure feels like I writing a letter about Python code, throwing it in the air in a hurricane, and hoping someone reads it?

Also, I have looked high and low for something resembling a share link on Github. Am I directing people to my page via my Github username?

Just when I thought the hard part was the actual coding. That was the super fun part. This part is less fun.

Thanks and happy holidays!

You can use the URL for the repository. For example for my website: GitHub - Ethan-Master-Coding/My-work: This website shows what I can do and what I have done

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Github is a little awkward, to say the least. If you post the link to your project here we can let you know that it’s actually going to the project you’re trying to share, or just your page.

For what it’s worth, I found the better option was to simply create a webpage on github that has my whole portfolio on it, and then I can customise that however I want.


I’m not clear on what project you’re referring to, but I think that the suggestion to write a blog post about the project is what is being requested of learners. For example, pretend like you’re presenting to an audience, go step by step in your thought process, what you uncovered (if it’s a data analysis/science project), etc. Though, it’s just a suggestion and I’m fairly sure it’s not required. It’s just an opportunity to mix it up a little. You know?

As far as sharing repos from your GH account, just copy the URL when you’re in the repo itself. Ex: https://github.com/YourUserNameHere/MyPythonProject

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Thank you for the great ideas!

That’s a useful suggestion re: the webpage. Definitely something I’d like to utilize. Thank you!

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