Every house need a frame


How do I do this?:scream:


Which part of the lesson are you stuck on and what code have written out so far?


I don't know how to start:disappointed:



Your webpage is blank as the day it was born! Let's add five things:

1.The <!DOCTYPE> tag
2.Your <html> tags
3.Your <head> tags
4. <title> tags (with any title you like!) between your head tags
5. Your <body> tags

  1. Add <!DOCTYPE html> on the first line

And then add in the other tags
Remember how it works

<html>  <!-- opening tag -->
 <!-- other tags go in here tag -->
</html> <!-- closing tag -->

I put some comments to make it easy, give it a go if you get an error paste in your code and we can help you


I'm confused:disappointed_relieved:


Have you typed out anything? Could I see what you have?

Read my steps carefully and just apply it and then show me what you have


<!DOCTYPE html>


Good :slight_smile:


Close the tag like this </html>

this is not a valid tag

You need to add in head, body and title tags

So like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
         <title> This is my title </title>



Got it thanks:slight_smile: