EVENT RECORDING - Live Course | ChatGPT & Generative AI

Thank you to everyone that attended our live AI workshop. We sincerely hope that you learned something new with the instructors. Please drop a like in this post if you would like to see more content like this in the future!

Video Replay

You can watch the workshop on demand here:

Bonus content

Use the following link to download the workshop slides
Codecademy Live Course - ChatGPT & Generative AI (ILT).pdf (6.4 MB)


There was a mention during the webinar of a test we could take for certification. Is there a link to that?

Edit: Sorry, should have opened the PDF first. Answering my own question, in case anyone else is wondering: link is on page 6 of the PDF of the slides.

Edit 2: And it’s a paid exam, which is seriously expensive. So never mind. I’m already paying for the Codecademy membership to have taken the course…


Good question @blog6337551588

The certificate mentioned by the instructor comes from a partnership between our parent company and the outside organization teaching this workshop. This is typically a workshop offered to professionals and things work a little differently in that context.
We brought this to all of you (Codecademy users) primarily for the learning aspect. If you are interested in certificates, I’d recommend you take a look at our AI catalog and complete some of those courses (you’ll already have a head start after attending the workshop).

Hope that helps clarify things!

Thank you! I do understand the value of a partnership that brings in the learning aspect without also including the certificate, and I will definitiely look at other Codecademy certification options, but I believe this should have been made much clearer. When there is an entire slide in the presentation during the intro to the course about how this course will be enough for you to pass this exam and get this certification, it should be made very clear at that time that the certification will require another $268 and is NOT included.


Hi, is it possible to aquire a download link, like with the previous zoom recordings?