European Codeacdemy or code school online


Trying to look into Java script but realise that Codeacadmey is an American company. I am European so we have vastly different concepts in education and how things should be thought and quality standards. I am wondering does anyone have suggestions about the best one thats purely European? Any answers please let me know.

In the meantime does any body know why this code wont work, codeacdemy says “no” but the syntax appears to say yes? My code is as follows starting from else if:

let season = ‘summer’;

if (season === ‘spring’) {
console.log(‘It’s spring! The trees are budding!’);
} else {
console.log(‘Invalid season.’);
} else if(season === ‘winter’) { console.log(‘It’s winter! Everything is covered in snow.’)

else always comes last in an if statement.

if (condition1) {

} else if (condition2) {

} else {