Estimated course time = 4hrs?


Anyone else taking way too long to complete this course? I reckon i've put in 10+ hours already on this course and not even halfway through -_-.


Hi @motheranimal,
The course times are always estimates, depending on your background and experience the actual required time might vary. Don't worry about others and just keep coding, before you'll know it you will have finished the course! You can do it! :thumbsup:


Thanks batraaf. I swear, I took four hours on just one of the projects -There are 15 of them LOL. (I deleted the entire CSS to re-write the entire thing from scratch so i could learn better..) Maybe having no experience with coding/web design is one of the reasons why i'm taking too long! But i will finish this course haha.


It is taking me at least 2 hours to do each project, but I am slow and easily distracted. I also try to do more than each task step asks for. If my project does not look exactly like the example, I want to know why and will go through "inspect element" (in Chrome) to find out how their code was written. I think it's what you get out of the course rather than how many of them you can knock off in a few hours. Good luck!