Escape keys

Hi everyone, just wondering what is the escape key so i can use “<>” in sentences without my ide automatically assuming i am using a tag. Thanks in advance.

Hello @data3429448927, welcome to the forums! The escape for < is &lt, and the escape for > is &gt. See this article for more escape keys.


Thank you very much! Appreciate the help!


Great info! I’m curious to know how in your response you wrote out the HTML entity name without the browser converting them to the < and > symbols. How is that achieved?

Do you mean like this <a href="something">? You do that by inserting back ticks above the code, like this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 14.06.13
You can also use single backticks for unformatted text. See this post for more information:

Thanks for the reply. I’m familiar with Markdown in name only, so this is good info to know. I was actually curious to know how you could get the same visual results when creating opening a HTML file in a browser? I’ve been making a custom cheatsheet and wanted to include properly formatted CSS and some escape entities. Is this making sense?

I believe the <code> tag can be used, although I haven’t used it much before. Here is an article explaining it, and some related tags.

Those are called entities, not escapes, afaik. They must be concluded with semi-colons.


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Thanks for the clarification. I actually just came across an online tool that answers my question.

Ah-good to know, thanks!

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Well, seems they are connected. I’ve never referred to them as escapes in my memory, but it’s getting old, and some things tend to escape me (pun intended).

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