Sorry, Im new here and this topic may have been already discussed, having been overwhelmed with reading material, I haven’t done an extensive search.
Essentially i want to know how i can take a returned error and analyze it to decipher the problem, is there a list of Errors and what they could mean? Or point towards?


Hi @javarockstar76943,

It’s best if you can provide the link for the lesson you’re facing problem with? Together, share the code you’ve typed and tell us what error it throws so anyone can help you better?

With your current question, it’s too general to provide you any help, as there are tonnes of errors out there, each to decipher is different, give some concrete materials and help will be on the way.



There are two types of errors… Syntax, which are trapped during parsing, and run time errors, or exceptions which are raised when the interpreter runs into a problem with values, keys, range, etc.

The error message raised is quite verbose, giving the type of error and a traceback of the most recent call. Search the error type, track down the calls and examine the code and data at that point.

SERP: List of Python exceptions


Some well-placed print statements can tell you much about what went wrong. Most error messages provide a line number and the general nature of the issue (such as attempting to divide by zero, and such messages are often very googleable if they do not make sense to you)


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