Errors in my code while practising

While I’m trying to code there are errors in my code getting disappointed and getting irritated to code again…

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Craftsmanship takes patience and practice.


It really does get frusturating when the terminal/console returns an error when I had thought I had written the code correctly; recently, however, I have been getting better at languages’ syntax due to these initial irritations with trying to find what exactly went wrong in my code. From what I have experienced, mental irritation is definately a factor when learning almost anything (especially in areas of learning where you realize that you probably shouldn’t have spent a many-hour coding session sitting with improper posture, but I digress); but that just makes the payoff even more worthwhile once you get the hang of it.


You shouldn’t let errors get you down too badly, especially not whilst you’re learning!

Even professional developers, with years of experience, do not produce code that’s 100% error free the first time out. (Want proof? Take a look at the number of patches any commercial software program gets. If it was perfect, there’d be no errors, and no patches to fix bugs or security flaws!)

Errors are part of programming; learning how to fix them is a big part of learning how to program. :slight_smile:

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Ditto. There are phases in my coding practices where I have constant troubles and try to develop alternative solutions that produce the same irritating message. Try not to stress. I always find hope in the midst of suffering, which ultimately leads to better results.


See there are lot of mistakes in everyone so try try and try then you would get it