I have made an error while using properties in javascript but it proceeds to next topic


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

Your mistake is one line 10. The device thinks is2p2 is not a part of the const because of it moving to a area below the const. To fix line 10, you make it look like this:

const is2p2 = checkThat...Times;

I hope this helps =)

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Like your error message says, that’s not a function. But you call it. So either you meant for it to be something else and would need to fix where you define it, or you meant to do something else with it.
As for codecademy passing you anyway… meh. yeah. Many checkpoints don’t quite test what you’d expect or want them to test.

You’re guessing, but relaying it as a fact… please no
One way you can mostly avoid doing this is to reproduce the problem yourself and test whether the change you are suggesting has the effect you say it has.
Making that one line doesn’t not cause that attribute to become a function. It’s also already one line, and even if it was two lines, that would still be the same thing!

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