Error with latest catagory

Last was from April 4th…

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Hello @icetomeetyou :slight_smile:!

I just checked and I’m having the same problem. I’ll take it from here, and try to get this fixed.

I hope this helps =)

Note: Today is @mtf’s ‘Cake Day’ as seen by the screenshot. Happy Cake-Day!


Its not serious, but its just a minor glitch. Thanks for helping me.

I’m back. Its not a glitch. Its that the topic has been split to keep the forums tidy.

I hope this explains it.



If that relates to when this forum was rolled out then a lot of other people are having a Cake Day, too. What is this Cake Day?

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The ‘Cake-Day’ is the anniversary of the day you joined. So 4 years of the new-design forums :slightly_smiling_face:.


Ah, okay. So that does mean a lot of other members are having a Cake Day, plus or minus a day or two. We all joined CC a good while before this iteration of the forum was released. If I recall, my join date is sometime in mid 2012.