Error with create-react-app with Jammming Project


I am having an issue with getting create-react-app to work to begin this project. I seem to be stuck in a circle here while trying to get npx create-react-app to work. I followed exactly what the react documentation(Getting Started | Create React App) stated to do. However I get sucked into this error loop.

Is there something that I should try to help break this cycle? I looked through the forum here and didn’t find anything that helped.

I updated all the stuff that is involved in this (VS Studio Code, Node, Git Bash…) and nothing new.

link to Jammming


The error message indicates that you installed React globally. Run
npm uninstall -g create-react-app
Then move to the directory where your app should be installed. Confirm that you are in the right directory by typing pwd into the terminal. If it shows the correct directory run
npx create-react-app Jammming

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What is the difference between what you just said and what I did in the photo attached?

Does this help?

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This did finally work. I tried clear cache with a different command but that did not work while this one did.

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