Error while Submitting Code - Append


Hi Guys, I need help with an error. I'm submitting my code exaclty like posted below. I should be doing the next exercise but...

suitcase = ['1','2','3'] 


list_length = len(suitcase) # Set this to the length of suitcase

print "There are %d items in the suitcase." % (list_length)
print suitcase.

I get the error message
"Did you remember to append() three items to suitcase?"
Well, the three of them are correctly coded. I can't get what's happening.
Coudl someone help me?



and you are appending 4 items....


Actually, the first [suitcase.append("sunglasses") ] was already appended by C.A., and the problem said: "append three more items to the list 'suitcase' ". So they ask for the three of them PLUS that one they coded. Anyway, I refreshed the page 4/5 times and it worked.Thanks!