ERROR while importing "cvlib"

I had executed

pip install cvlib


pip install opencv-python tensorflow

in the Command Prompt.
I am trying to follow this tutorial.
But, when “import cvlib” was executed in python, it gave a lot of errors as shown in the picture

That’s only one error, and it tells you in plain text what the problem is.

I’m guessing you either used the wrong installation of python when you installed packages, or the installation failed (in which case that’s the relevant error)

I am currently using python 3.8.0. If the installation failed, what should I do?

You can have multiple python’s installed, even with the same version, so version doesn’t say anything.

You will need to decide which one you’re running, and use that same one when you install packages, and when you do install something, you would look at the output to determine whether or not it was successful.

One way to ensure you’re using the right pip is to invoke pip from python

$ python -m pip install --user opencv-python tensorflow
$ python
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