Error when nothing is wrong


I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Please look into.

Oops, try again.
It looks like you function didn't print out the correct response!

I expect it to loop the move me to the next exercise, as the code is correct.

board = [[1,3,4],[2,2,3]]
def print_board(board):
    for row in board:
        print row


The exercise is expecting your board to be a list of lists containing "O" for Ocean -- what happened to those?


It was never stated in the instructions. I got pass it by using row[1]
which tell me the problem is at your end.


It will be tricky to play Battleship without an ocean. If you can get by without then great.

Did you delete the code from the previous exercises? Exercise 3 is where you first built your ocean.


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