Error Solving #27. Conclusion: Part 1


Can someone kindly assist me in solving the following? I'm quite certain it's correct, yet I'm continuously getting this error message "Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't print the length myColor to the console!" I've tried refreshing multiple times and closing and re-opening the browser. le sighhhh

var myColor = "Green"
console.log = (myColor.length);


Other than the missing semicolon at the end of your first line, I can't see anything wrong.


Hey Ned,

I think it was some sort of glitch on Code Academy's end. My friend logged in from their computer and solved it for me using the same solution! Strange.... Thanks Ned!


The problem is there. You have completely changed the default console.log code with that. You will have to remove the = and then reload/refresh your web browser to restore console.log to normal.


:fearful: I completely overlooked that!

Other than the missing semicolon and the problem with console.log, your code is fine :wink:


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