Error setting up sqlite


I am trying to install sqlite on windows following the instructions on this page:

However, I keep getting an error message saying “command not found”.

not sure why you’re trying to run a windows application from mingw

you could, but not sure what that accomplishes

if you want to run it from mingw install it there or if you want to run it from windows then… go double click the exe file

If you’re still looking to run SQLite from your git bash so you don’t have to open up different applications, etc., it looks like when you unzipped the download you extracted your files directly into your Temp folder.

You should be able to run it from mingw by using the cd command to change directories into your Temp folder (cd Desktop/Temp). From there, the command winpty ./sqlite3.exe should open up SQLite.

After that, follow the instructions to setup an alias so you don’t always have to navigate to that directory to run SQLite:

  • press Ctrl + c (or type .exit) to exit SQLite
  • Run the following commands:
    • echo "alias sqlite3=\"winpty ${PWD}/sqlite3.exe\"" >> ~/.bashrc
    • source ~/.bashrc
  • Double check that the alias works by returning to your home directory (cd ~) and then running the command sqlite3 from there.

After that, you should be able to run SQLite from your git bash, regardless of the directory you’re in.