ERROR: relation “categories_dishes” does not exist (Bytes of China Project)

Hi, I am still trying to figure out what is caused the error of relation “table_name” does not exist…
The course is on this url:

This problem is on the step 8.

Here is my code:

create table restaurant ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, name varchar(20), description varchar(100), rating decimal, telephone char(10), hours varchar(100) ); create table address( id integer PRIMARY KEY, street_number varchar(10), street_name varchar(20), city varchar(20), state varchar(15), google_map_link varchar(50), restaurant_id integer REFERENCES restaurant(id) ); create table category ( id char(2) PRIMARY KEY, name varchar(20), description varchar(200) ); create table dish ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, name varchar(50), description varchar(200), hot_and_spicy boolean ); create table review ( id integer PRIMARY KEY, rating decimal, description varchar(100), date date, restaurant_id integer REFERENCES restaurant(id) ); CREATE TABLE categories_dishes ( category_id char(2) REFERENCES category(id), dish_id integer REFERENCES dish(id), price money, PRIMARY KEY (category_id, dish_id) ); SELECT constraint_name, column_name, table_name FROM information_schema.key_column_usage WHERE table_name = 'categories_dishes';

The specific error said:
ERROR: relation “categories_dishes” does not exist
LINE 1: INSERT INTO categories_dishes VALUES (

I’ve spent hours to search on this discussion but never make this works.
Kindly need your help to solve this error.

Thank you,

Solved, I forgot that inserting value(s) must be in a same file/tab. :sweat_smile: