Error or mistake?


in python, in mater of interpretation, I said me to make spam=true and eggs=false. But I did this, and then it said to me that I need to give a value for true. So I put true=1, but stills saidme the same. Please help!


Takes a while to get used to, but we must remember that in Python, it is True and False. The the interpreter, true and false look like identifiers.


So pelase can you said me how is?


The Boolean values must have uppercase first letters. Instead of true, you type True. Instead on false, type False. Then, Python assigns the logic value: 0 or 1 to the variable.


I'm having trouble finding this lesson. Please post a link to the exercise. Thank you.


I have already found my mistake, thanks you very much :slightly_smiling:


monty = True
python= 1.234
monty_pyhton = python ** 2

why is wrong????, help please....


See any difference between left and right? (Hint: spelling)