Error on learning command line


On lesson I type what it says on the console and it says I'm not right + when I try to file a bug report I can't scroll down to submit it.


What output did you get? You might just have typed it incorrectly after all.


No output, there was only a red bar that said I got it wrong.


Did you delete the files? That would result in 0 matches.
Or, you typed it incorrectly, still seems very likely. Copy the command.


$ grep -R Arctic /home/ccuser/workspace/geography
/home/ccuser/workspace/geography/deserts.txt:Arctic Desert
/home/ccuser/workspace/geography/oceans.txt:Arctic Ocean
/home/ccuser/workspace/geography/uniq-deserts.txt:Arctic Desert
/home/ccuser/workspace/geography/continents.txt:Arctic Ocean

If you've changed something in that ubuntu instance, you can click the Get Help button in the bottom right, that ought to reset the files.


Does that only reset the current exercise or all my progress?


The current and those that follow. I just tried it.

Or if they for whatever reason don't, just create them in that directory with the text matches from my grep output above.


For the record, I still think you just typo'd it. Or at least, those who do are often completely blind to it so I really do have to suggest it a good 5 times or so.
It's also the simplest explanation.