Error on Learn Javascript Page 7

When i get to page 7 of learn javascript i get
Whoa there!

comments.js has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move comments.js back to its original location, or reset your files

reset your files will be the easiest as it seems like comments.js file is not there.

Click get help > reset

Ye, i had the same problem a few day’s ago.

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I’ve tried this but them I get a “Could not restore workspace”

More information so I can help you

This is a screenshot of the error after I reset my progress to attempt to restore work space. The program can’t find the code editor on step 6 of learn javascript

Have you tried refreshing the page ? Or using another browser ?

Please use the in-exercise bug reporting tool.

I’ll try that now, thanks.

No joy,
I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and I’m getting the same response on each browser.

I reported the bug before I resorted to here, you should have a notification from me on it.

Any more ideas that I can try to rectify it?


I got it working.
In the dashboard I attempted to skip this module in JavaScript. I opened the page for the second module and it told me it had to be unlocked… It gave me an option to resume from the last module, which I clicked, and it opened with random.js working for me.

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Awesome glad you got this working!