Error on exercixe 26


Need support to finish this task, says to me a error to put "none;", but i did correctly!
I wrote wrong ? did a mistake ? please HELP !

Replace this line with your code. 
a {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #cc0000;


I have this mistake too...


This exercise is currently not working in chrome, try IE or FF


I will try in few minutes and i will post here... thks for this advice


So ... I was check on CHROME, IE and M. Edge, but say ERROR 404 ... maybe still a lot of people, or can be the site ??

"stetim94" can check for us ? I waiting at my home desk, Thks!


I got this error on Chrome, I switched to IE10 and it worked. But having trouble logging into or changing my password in order to finish this section on my account. Sigh


i figured it out...its chrome. copy and paste the url into internet explorer and it will move forward, I dont know why they have not fixed this yet.


404 means page not found. That page doesn't exist - not a problem with you or Codecademy (unless they provided an incorrect link).

It's an old course. Newer ones have been created/are being created, which are being focused on right now.


yep, same here, can`t figure it out


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so guys ... i tried into IE, but doesent work. Have another way to finish this ? If does not, i will try in another time, i need to learn more! But my code is correct ! thkx for all. Now can close the topic, or if have another solution, past to me ! seya !


same happening with me..


same. have been trying for a while now rewording it etc


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