Error Msg: "Did you fix the definition of the greeting function?"


var Greeting = function (aName) {


Not sure what to do from here, here are my instructions.
-A big part of programming is debugging. That just means figuring out what the heck went wrong with your code. Why didn't it run?
-Look at line 9. It has many syntax errors. See how lack of spacing makes debugging hard?
-Fix the function on line 9. Make sure the syntax is right. Make sure it looks nice.
-Call the greeting function once it is fixed! Don't forget to pass in a specific name.


This code runs outside codecademy for me at least. Try codecademy ready made code:

var greeting = function (name) {
    console.log("Great to see you," + " " + name);



Thanks so much man been stuck on this part for about 3 days! I just need that , after you in console.log.