Error message

Error: near line 1: table celebs already exists

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Hi @codesurfer83324,

Please give exercise link. Thank you!


I’m receiving the same error in the first SQL lesson (Learn SQL), the 3 section “Statements”.


Hi @cmathos,

Thanks for responding! As far as I can see, the error is being generated because the table celebs must be existing before you ran the code. Although, I too got the error and it seems like “Next” button got highlighted for me => I got to pass the exercise. If you really want to get rid of that error, then run:

DROP TABLE celebs;

in the first line before the first statement.

Hope it helps! :smiley:

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Thanks for the note! The “next” button highlighted for me as well, so I just moved on. I wasn’t sure if I had done something wrong, or if that error would impact future exercises, but it seems like everything was a-ok.

Thanks again!

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