Error message: Whoa there! 9/ has been moved


Python Lists and Dictionaries course. Lesson 10 “This next part is key”

I am continually getting this error (not from my program, from the Codecademy site):

Whoa there!

9/ has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move 9/ back to its original location, or reset your files

It hangs for a while before this message happens. Then this message happens, along with a “reset files” button (which I pushed). The error loops over and over again. I suppose I’ll try starting the section over completely. But, I thought I’d report this error as it is making it impossible to continue. (No prewritten code appears, no solution is accepted as valid. Instead the error message loops again (after several minutes of hanging)).

This happens even after hitting “Get Code”. After hitting get code the code editor goes blank and spits out the error as described above.


Additional information (and a workaround):

This happened again today. As I was working on the “Battleship” program in the “Learn Python” section.

When this happened yesterday, I pushed “Reset Progress”. This was because the pop-up error box was not responding. However, I found out today (after a similar error occurred in the “Battleship” program section), that was a bit extreme.

The best workaround for anyone else who has this problem is to press the “Reset Exercise” button next to the “Run” button. It looks like two arrows in a circular shape. This causes the code to reappear and I was able to continue. (However, the reason for the error in the first place eludes me).

I hope this is helpful for someone. As if I would have had this information it would have saved me a few hours of frustration.


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