Error message 'Value of variable' after function


Hi there,

I am following the function course and the last exercise tells me I am making a mistake at step 5.
I tried a lot of different variation like replacing the ‘,’ with ‘+’ and adding/removing spaces but all without getting the positive green checkmark. It keeps on telling ‘Value of lyrics(variable) did not match the expected value’
The strange thing is when I click on ‘Solution’ the program give exactly the same code as I did. It only adds a few more lines for step 6 and 7. So why gives the course above error message to my code, but when I click on solution, the code stays exactly the same but without error message?
Am I missing something here ?

Please see the picture below as well.



An assignment is not like a print statement where we can comma separate items to print. Concatenate your string.

lyrics = func() + " Your Boat"


Hi mtf,

Thanks for the help and answer.
The error message still occurs when I do exactly what you describe above and I receive a red X.
When I continue with the next step (step 6) and complete it, step 5 becomes green as well.
Still, I can continue :slight_smile:


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