Error message on Welcome lesson [solved]

I’m only on my very 2nd lesson in the very 1st course and I’m getting syntax errors- and there is no syntax error.


Please show us your code and perhaps we might spot some little detail that has been overlooked.

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I was having the same problem. I was using the Edge browser and the code was not updating as it was supposed to from one step to the next and this was the root cause. I switched to Chrome and am now able to progress without issues.


Just started here recently. I am not sure how to do lesson 3 of change message.

Yes, Edge was meant to be good, but it is stuffed with errors. What you did, switching to another browser was a good idea. Well done. You might want to feed back that experience to Microsoft so they can improve Edge in the near future, but for the moment, use alternative browsers.

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Recommended browser is Chrome for being the most compatible, with Firefox as a close second depending on preference. Also reloading a page (F5) is a good way to solve issues if something has gotten stuck or not loaded correctly.
If you end up with a bug to report go to: to report it.

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