Error message Introduction to classes

Hello everyone,

While doing the methodical approach of introduction to classes I kept getting an error message that something seemed off about my code. Having looked at the solution, however, I don’t see the difference between my solution and the solution given by the system. Is there anything I might be missing?

class Animal(object):

“”“Makes cute animals.”""

is_alive = True

def init(self, name, age): = name

self.age = age

Add your method here!

def description(self):


print self.age

hippo = Animal(“Daniel”, 24)


My code from a few tears ago has another class attribute:

  health = 'good'

Hi, yes, that’s in the exercise that follows, but not here yet :slight_smile:

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Okay. The one issue we can surmise is indentation. Please format your post or paste the code in a reply and format it to preserve indentation. This is explained in the new user information.