Error Message In the Excercise


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I tend to get a message saying that there is no such file or directory. This isn’t the first time its happened, as its happened in The first section.
Im sorry if I messed up, but I just joined and am very confused. Any help would be helpful. Thank you all.

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You moved away from the original directory (look at your commands) so unless there’s a drama/biopic there as well, then you’ll get told that there isn’t

If there isnt one, then why does the instructions tell me there is?

They don’t. You changed your location and that is a relative path, relative to your position, so if you change position, then the location that the relative path refers to also changes.

In a graphical file explorer, if you’re told to double-click the GAMES directory, but you first navigate into your empty PICTURES directory, do you still expect to find GAMES in there as well?

The difference is that you have to request the information, but you still need the same information, can carry out the same actions, and so on (actually you can do a whole lot more because you’re not limited to what the buttons happen to be doing)

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