Error message doesn't match directions


When I submit my code (which is working perfectly) it says "Your second call to round() should print a floating point number with exactly 3 numbers after the decimal."

The directions don't specify any number of digits after the decimal. The directions simply say: "Use the exercise window to try rounding some numbers for yourself. You can use M_PI if you like; it's my favorite floating point number."

Replace this line with your code.


Topic is missing exercise link and code sample.


sorry, I thought when I clicked the Q&A link it made it obvious which lesson I was doing.

It's Math Functions 1

code doesn't matter because my comment isn't about the code. It's about the error message not matching the directions. The error message says the number needs to be rounded specifically to 3 digits after the decimal. But the instructions don't specify the number 3.

This is more for an actual codeacademy employee who needs to fix that particular lesson.


Not going to happen. This course is going to be sunsetted.


Oh! Good to know =]

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