Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


It’s working now ! Thx :slight_smile:


@alyssavigil css and javascript are working fine but i have some issue with html the banner does not go away


I have connection now, but the big banner (which informs me about the problems of today) is still on the page, so I can’t do anything.


My INTRODUCTION TO HTML is up and working now :slight_smile:
But now it’s time to make dinner so i will come back later :wink:


Thanks for fixing this issue


Thanks! Javascript course is working now


UPDATE: All clear!

As of 11:26am, the issue that caused “Error: Lost connection to Codecademy” has been resolved. Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with us through it!


code academy …its back am good to go


Hi Codecademy,
can you also fix “day streak” counters?
Mine was 30-something yesterday, now its reset back to 0


That’s great news Alyssa! A huge “THANKS” to you and all the engineers for fixing the issue.

Also, bonus points for keeping my streak alive, even though it crossed a day without activity. It means a lot as it motivates me to learn daily at Codecademy! :grin:


thanks for quick action. we are beck to learning now :slight_smile:


Configure your DNS servers to guys, okay?

Also it works for me, no banner .-.


I’ve still no connection in phyton course, pls fix this :frowning:


Oh no! Could you try clearing cache and cookies or try accessing on Firefox (if you were previously using Chrome) to see if that helps? Please let me know.


Are we all cleared up now, @b.p_2018?


Cleared cache and cookies, nothing changed. Have this problem since Monday 19.11, at Friday 16.11 it worked perfectly fine.


How did you maintain your streak? I lost mine even though I logged in later in the day.


Hi @matthatters

I’m sorry that you have lost you streak.

In my case, I didn’t do anything special to maintain my streak. While Codecademy was down, I helplessly watched as my “last coded” counter inched from “17 hours ago” to “24 hours ago”.

By the time Codecademy was back up and running, my “last coded” had become “a day ago”, but strangely my streak counter had remained the same, instead of resetting back to zero.

So, I went back in to learn and code a new lesson, and lo- my last coded changed to “a minute ago” and my streak got incremented by one too. I don’t know how exactly this happened, but I thought it was done on purpose by the codecademy engineers so that users could rightly maintain their unbroken streak.


Well, I guess Codecademy has resolved this issue, even though I didn’t experience it. Thanks a lot though, @alyssavigil! :smile:


yes thank you very much .