Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


You can still code, just practice what you have learned so far


Depending on what you’re learning, you can practice what you’ve learned, use another website temporarily. Many options, you just can’t learn more. Just gotta wait, I myself am learning Ruby at the request of an employer for a job application.


where do you practice, out of curiosity


What language are you learning?


I’m learning Ruby 1st then HTML, (currently 33% in )


I’m going over html and css again but I use pycharm to edit at the moment it’s very flexible


Personally, as I’m only about 40% through Ruby, I’m going to complete more of the course and then practice it, as a lot of my time is doing the course so it’s not needed as much. Currently volunteering with a company, so I’ll have more time to practice after I stop, using Ruby IDE (LIke Python’s) compiler. With HTML, just get notepad (preferably notepad++) and start coding, save the document as an html file and you can view it in your brower


Yes! I lost connection too today! I really for this to be fixed. I’m in school trying to work on this, and CSS isn’t working!


Having this problem as well! Hoping for a solution soon.


I appreciate you asking for that communication. Thanks to the communication of many of you here in our Forums, there’s now a notification in product so that folks know what they may encounter. It’s not the most descriptive, but we’re moving fast to resolve. Thank you so much for sticking with us and asking for the communication you need.


Thanks for trying to fix this =)


I’d suggest that the following article be updated:

It makes almost everyone try all those recommendations thinking the problem is in their environment, thus wasting their time while the problem is not theirs.

Everyone would appreciate.


UPDATE: Still working on a resolution.

The team has since added a banner in product to help anyone starting work today that they may encounter an issue. We are so grateful for all your patience.

Lost Connection to Codecademy

waiting almost for 7 hours … Still no Connection !!1 :zipper_mouth_face:


:persevere: I am so sorry. This was an abnormal issue that didn’t set off our normal alarm system, so now that we know about the issue we’re working fast and hard to resolve it. Thank you, so much, for your patience with us.


Thought this was a test to see if i could fix it



@alyssavigil is there any estimate for when this issue will be resolved?


have you passed the test :question::question::question: but nice one.that would be a very challenging test


Facebook is also down actually. Same causes shared maybe?


I’ve finally been able to connect. Thanks for fixing this issue (at least for me) :slight_smile: