Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


a_vigil is updating in this thread


Is there a way to communicate this to people so that they don’t waste time going through the Lost Connection to Codecademy white paper troubleshooting, like I did? On twitter or a banner on the website? Right now, they need to happen to find this thread to know what’s going on.


I just thought codecademy blocked my ip address…
Then I found this thread


wow glad its not just me at least, hopeful its up again soon


Same here… Hope it gets fixed soon!


jeeeez - I’m glad i found this thread - was going crazy trying things to fix it!


I’ve got the same problem here.


Was losing my mind trying to fix it


Just adding my name to the already long and still growing list of people sad/disappointed about that bug! Hope they’ll fix it soon ^ -^


I have same issue here


I spent hours troubleshooting this morning. I asked them to communicate to us when things like this happen so we don’t waste our time trying to figure out what’s wrong with our system.

Lost Connection to CodeAcademy
Lost Connection to CodeAcademy
Lost Connection to CodeAcademy
Codecademy reliability , connection wise
Codecademy reliability , connection wise
Lost connection - Ruby
Lost connection - Ruby

are there any new updates on the problem


There’s a moderator in the thread that will post and update when there is one


posting here so I get notificated when there’s an update


do you have any idea how long it wil take to fix it? A Day? Maybe a Week?


No, they’ve got multiple engineers working on it. Just check back every few minutes if you want. It’s been like this for hours, so don’t expect a fix today


ok thank you very much


Same issue for ruby! What are the other alternative sites for coding online?


freecodecamp, treehouse, udemy,


so no coding today? i’ve been waiting for 3 hours now :confused::confused: