Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


thank you very much.


please do something we are waiting for your feed backs


Still the same error. I tried in several browsers with deleted history.


i have the same issue here, and retried for almost an hour


Facing the same error


Facing the same error with a JavaScript course. Maybe they’re all on vacation…


are there any courses that don’t have this problem.


I’m so sorry for the total block this is. I really do appreciate you sounding the alarms this way. It lets us know what needs eyes now.


is it fixed or when wil it be fixed


Could we please get some kind of estimate for when the service will be available again? Today? Several days from now?


UPDATE: we’ve got multiple engineers looking into the issue now. No estimate on time yet. Will update this thread regularly until there’s a full resolution.


Im glad it isnt just me, who is experiencing this. It must be definitely from their end


Thank you for the update. Fingers crossed this will get fixed sooner rather than later. Best of Luck!

This happens even to the biggest and the best. Github was recently down for the whole world. And co-incidentally, both Facebook and Instagram are down right now as well. It’s actually trending on Twitter!


I have this problem too trying to practice Python and Javascript. :worried:


Having same issue in Learn Ruby course


Same issue here since today!


me too in javascript


Same here, any news?


Same problem with python course.


codecademy servers gone down :frowning: