Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


And I am trying for more time but,it says “lost connection in codecademy”.


Having the exact same issue right now. Inspect Element brings up “Error during websocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 500”. At least it’s a server side error, almost thought my account had gotten blacklisted or something.


I switched to freeCodeCamp until it gets fixed Holidays are for the weak :muscle:


Is Codecademy tryin’ to update its servers so shut down all of them? maybe


if this is the case they should have prompted a message informing it users


Wow didn’t know so many people are trying to learn the data science course! Hello all!

Hope this issue gets fixed soon. I don’t want an unintended vacation


Not sure anyone from Codecademy is monitoring this thread. Might be worth everyone putting in a help request to them so they can see the wide spread issue they have for when they get back from lunch :slight_smile:


Same problem I tried diferent accounts, mobile, adblock disabled and finnaly I found with devtools that the request on your servers returns 500 Internal Server Error :frowning: fix as fast as posible. please.


I have same issue… Need to be fixed ASAP!!


I submitted a ticket about 2 hours ago and have not heard anything back from them.


I also submitted a ticket but they did not get back to me. When will they fix it


Submitted a ticket 2h ago. No reply either.
Looks like they don’t have 24x7 support team.
What a pity.


■■■■ connection problems. I did quit my full time job to practice coding full time but then this service is not working. I would except this to work like 99,9% time. If this keep happening many more hours I an switching to treehouse.


same here at the fashion blog exercise :smiley:


I’m having the same issue since 4 hours ago (10:00AM CET). I sent them a ticket a couple of hours ago. I wish they would have some type of messaging to let us know something is down instead of spending hours troubleshooting then realizing the problem is on their side. Twitter maybe?


Having the same issue here. Is there any information on the downtime period ?


¨lost connection to Codecademy" also for over 2h.


Same here, would be awesome if devs could give an estimate for when it’s resolved. Need to move some things around in schedule now and i need and want to learn today.


Okay, the editor/terminal/workspace has been unavailable for more than 5 hours now. There is clearly a server-side global outage as no can seem to connect to Codecademy.

I hope someone is seeing this and will fix it ASAP. Some of us are even at the risk of our losing our hard-earned streak, which has kept us motivated to regularly learn at Codecademy.

P.S. I had raised a ticket too, but to no avail until now… :neutral_face:

There is no twitter response either. I hope people will comment on Zach Sims’ and/or the Codecademy’s twitter page in order to notify them of this issue.


Hey everyone, thank you for reporting. I’m working with our team on a fix now. I’m so sorry for the blocker this has caused you—we’re taking this seriously and will post updates on this thread as we have them.

Thank you for your patience with us.