Error: Lost connection to Codecademy


I would try the programming language HTML but then this error came: ‘Lost connection to Codecademy’. Does someone knows a solution?

Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise
Browser: Google Chrome

I don’t use any VPN or something.

Please help me and others with this problem.

Lost connection - Ruby

I am having the same issue with the Python course.

Edit: I have tried switching browsers, restarting browsers and clearing cache.


Same here, with Python and Ruby courses. I am a high school computer teacher, and the problem is happening for all users over various platforms. We’re stymied!


Dear all,
I found the problem:
I have this problem at school, at home it just works. Probably is it the firewall of the school/work where you are.
To solve, someone has to add this domains:
If im right, it does work now



Unfortunately, I have this problem too since today (before, it was working fine) and I don’t use any firewall :frowning:


Same here since this morning!


I have had the same problem since today, too!


Im getting same. half way through HTML course working all ok then connection lost. Cleaned all history and chache. Tried different explorers and reset internet connection. Also tried from a different server so cannot be problem this end. Has codecademy servers gone down


I have same problem since today. Yesterday, it was OK.


seems a problem with codecademy, i have put a help ticked into them hopefully someone get back to me


Same problem being faced here. console has 500 error of Websocket. Hope it gets fixed soon!


same problem here. couldnt connect to codecademy in the middle of a javascript course.


I’m having the same issue! yesterday it was okay. please fix the problem my beloved devs! I’m really enjoying learning codes and I can’t wait to learn more!!:sob:


I’m relieved to hear this is a widespread issue and not something happening on our end. Really hope this gets resolved ASAP


same issue. please fix this codecademy asap.


I have the same problem as well, just reported it. Hope it get fixed soon, as I’m quite excited to continue programming :slight_smile:

  • GET xxx?id=xxx&l=dataLayer net::ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED
  • WebSocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 500

lol :sweat_smile:


The same here. Until yesterday, everything was fine, now there is no connection.


Same issue for me… :worried:


Same Issue with the python course. This is a tad funny I must say I mean I am trying to refresh on some basics but it seems that codeacademy has issues with its basics xD.