Error leccion 5- elementos comunes

Hola, tengo un problema en la leccion 5/17 de Elementos comunes
Me indica en instruccion que ingrese dos Saltos de linea < b r /> despues de la frase que dice Least concern

Yo lo que hago es esto. Least Concern < b r / > < b r/ >. Y me indica que esta mal el ejercicio, siendo asi en la pantalla de la derecha LOCALHOST se muestra claramente que he seguido las instruccion colocando dos saltos de linea.

No se si lo estoy haciendo mal o es un bug del ejercicio

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Brown Bears</title>
    <div id="introduction">
      <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>
      <p>The brown bear (<em>Ursus arctos</em>) is native to parts of northern Eurasia and North America. Its conservation status is currently <strong>_**Least Concern**_.</strong> <br> <br/> There are many subspecies within the brown bear species, including the Atlas bear and the Himalayan brown bear.</p>
      <p>Brown bears are not always completely brown. Some can be reddish or yellowish. They have very large, curved claws and huge paws. Male brown bears are often 30% larger than female brown bears. They can range from 5 feet to 9 feet from head to toe.</p>
    <div id="habitat">
      <h3>Countries with Large Brown Bear Populations</h3>
      <h3>Countries with Small Brown Bear Populations</h3>
      <p>Some countries with smaller brown bear populations include Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Finland, France, Greece, India, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.</p>
    <div id="media">

Inconsistent syntax with mixed tags.

Its conservation status is currently <strong>Least Concern</strong>.<br /><br />

thank you! (y) Problem is resolved @mtf

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While you’re still at or near that lesson, try all three variations…

<br /><br />



All are valid HTML5.


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