Error in "Veneer" Project in Python

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You have this line in your code:

veneer = Marketplace

Because it does not include parentheses after the class name, it fails to create an instance of Marketplace. Instead, it merely assigns a reference to the definition of the Marketplace class to veneer. As a consequence, when you attempt to call the add_listing method from veneer later, within the sell_artwork method definition of the Client class, the Python interpreter expects an argument that represents an instance of Marketplace to be included. When it finds only one argument within the parentheses there, a TypeError is raised.

To correct that problem, just add the parentheses to the line cited above, where you intend to instantiate Marketplace.

Also note that in your final line of code, the show_listings method of veneer will not actually get called, unless you add parentheses at the end of that line.

Edited on August 29, 2019 to add the following:

Link to project: Veneer

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