Error in the value of variables



The code I have written below is pretty simple. Its a part of Conditional and control flow exercise. I have done all the changes as directed but I am not able to understand the error the system is showing. the error message says: "Make sure you have a value for all five variables".
Here is the link to the exercise (just in case).

Please help me figure out the error however silly it might be.
Thank you.

if (20 - 10) > 15:
    bool_one = False    # We did this one for you!

elif (10 + 17) == 3**16:
# Remember that ** can be read as 'to the power of'. 3**16 is about 43 million.
    bool_two = False

elif 1**2 <= -1:
    bool_three = False

elif 40 * 4 >= -4:
    bool_four = True

elif 100 != 10**2:
    bool_five = True


Which exercise is this for?


I can't see the exercise you are on? Which one is it? Are you sure your code is designed the way the lesson checker wants it to be?


100 !=10**2 is False
!= is not equal to.

Hope it helps


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