Error in the "Advanced Python Code Challenges: Lists" challenge 1

Hi, I think there is an error in the text of the challenge 1,

I wrote this code :

def every_three_nums(start):
  if start==100:
    while start<=100:
  return lst 

And I failed the check because it says, that it should have return 100, when start==100 but that’s not true, because text says, we should return an empty list when start==100.

Am I right ?

Link here :

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The instructions say:

If start is greater than 100

greater then (>) is different then equal to (==)

Oups I misread it, you are right it’s greater than an not equal, my bad.

Also that isn’t a special case. If you add nothing past 100 the effect is that you’ll end up with an empty list